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Stop Animal Testing Many companies nowadays are testing their products on animals, which can be very painful to these innocent creatures. Some people have resorted to not purchasing products from these companies to show that they do not support them. So why should these companies legally be allowed to test on animals, if people are locked up every day for animal cruelty? As Thomas Paine said in “The Crisis”, “If we reason to the root of things we shall find no difference; neither can any just cause be assigned why we should just punish in one case, and pardon in the other.” No matter which way you may look at it an animal is being hurt and it is our responsibility to speak up for them if they cannot. Every day animals are taken from…show more content…
For a product to be trustworthy, the subject should have used the products for a couple of years. So for those years the company would have to make sure that their test subject is kept in as natural an environment as possible to create the same effects. This would require thousands of dollars, which can always be put to use somewhere else. Yet on the other hand, animal testing when done correctly can help us advance in many fields of learning. As done for most of our medications, scientists first tested animals to determine the safety before moving on to humans. They then see how the animal reacts to the drug before testing on humans, which could have produced deadly consequences if not otherwise tested on animals. So although this can be very painful to the animal, it is also very beneficial to humans. Even though the benefits of animal testing are very important, I believe that the pain and suffering animals endure for this, are far more negative and should be discontinued. People do not understand the pain and suffering that these innocent creatures go through, just so that they may have the latest hair product or wrinkle cream. Although it may not be the same as animal cruelty, it is just as cruel to the animals who must suffer. We need to fight for the animals so that they will no longer be poked, prodded, or dissected all in the name of science, and so that they
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