Stop Blaming The Aging Population Essay

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Disagree: stop blaming the aging population for the rise of health care costs Health care costs have increased for everyone On the other hand, there are people that oppose the idea that the aging population is putting a burden on the health care system. Morris explained that it is not because that there is more individual in the older population cohort that is causing the rise in health care, but due to the fact that the health care system is actually doing more for the elderly compare previously. Medical standard and pattern of care has changed in the past years in the hope to make health care better for the older population, therefore more funding’s are used on the health care system. Not to mention, medical usage not only have increase in the older population but also for all other age groups as well (Morris L. Barer, 1995). As stated previously with the increase of chronic diseases, it will cause an escalation of health care costs. However, studies have shown that there is a higher utilization of health care for those with chronic conditions and it has nothing to do with age (Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), 2011). In other…show more content…
All in all, there has been a shift in medical standard over the years, which is trying to make health care better for seniors, but overall there is an increase of health care costs for everyone not just the older population. Also the general population like to generalize seniors thinking that they are all the same, but in reality there is variable differences between seniors, not all seniors are dependent and vulnerable as we think they are. Moreover, aging population contribute only a small percentage to overall health costs it is actually drugs, inflation of health care, and advancing technology that have a tremendous impact on the health care
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