Stop Blaming Victims for Sexual Assault

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“You damned man, you damned existence, [and] you damned this earth, but never dared to question your code. Your victims took the blame and struggled on, with your noble curses as reward for their martyrdom-while you went on crying that your code was noble, but human nature was not good enough to practice it. And no one rose to ask the question Good?-by what standard?” Society’s view of sexual assault is shifting in a negative way in that members of society openly persecute victims of sexual assault, and certain types of popular visual media promote such violence. People in positions of power ignore sexual assault leaving victims begging for justice. The term ‘sexual assault ‘has lost its ability to invoke an impassioned response from…show more content…
For instance, certain types of visual media promote sexual violence against both men and women; often times they promote stereotypes. For instance, sexual mass media images tend to portray victim responding favorably to their situation after awhile; also they portray victim as favoring the assailant . Sexually violent films and scenes are redefining the role of pleasure in society as they encourage the miscommunication of pain for pleasure . Certain common films and videos of a sexual nature contain extreme scenes of torture and bestiality; and addition to this they promote the ideal that life problems and issues can be solved through sex . The popularization of sexually violent films may reinforce stereotypes and encourage a sadistic view of intimacy, which then reflect on society’s conscious collective. The conscious collective of a society dictates the values that individuals within it adhere too . Conscious collective is “…violations of fundamental moral code which society holds scared,” and basically they’re rules, laws, rights and freedom etc . A crime is considered an action that shocks the healthy conscience . However, sexual assault, no longer shocks society with the same intensity as it once did, hence the rise in victim blaming online as well as socially. For instance, on October 24/2009, a female individual was raped for over
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