Stop Illegal Immigrants

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Mexican Immigrants “Stopping illegal immigration would mean that wages would have to rise to a level where Americans would want the jobs currently taken by illegal aliens. (“Sowell, Thomas”). This is a quote from Thomas Sowell, an author and a political philosopher. Some people think illegal immigrants shouldn’t be working in America, but others are for illegal immigrants working as farm laborers. If you deport all the Mexicans who are here illegally in America, then we would need to find more farm laborers.
Some people think that illegal immigrants should be deported because they are taking American citizens’ jobs. This way of thinking is understandable because there are a lot of unemployed Americans out there. It is true that many Americans are unemployed, but there aren’t many people in the U.S. who would want to work in the
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Most Mexicans have experienced what it’s like to live in Mexico, so they came to America looking for a better life and most immigrants are males who come to work so that they can send money back home to their families. Donald Trump estimates that $24 million dollars is sent back to Mexico by illegal immigrants each year to help their families(Bump, Philip). With this being said, those males would have to find a home to live in in order to have a place to stay. Other immigrants who bring their families have to find a place to stay and schools for their children to go to. These people are seeking new opportunities. This shows why we shouldn’t make illegal immigrants leave. Removing all illegal immigrants would cause a shortage in farm laborers.How would you like to be ripped away from the house you live in and taken to someplace you didn’t like and told you had to live there from now on? Don’t take these Mexicans away from the homes they’ve made here in the united states, let them live the life that they want
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