Stop Illegal Searches in Schools

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Regardless of the possibility of students having illicit substances on campus, the 4th Amendment should apply to students because students could have embarrassing items in their bag. If a student was coming in from being off campus, they could have their bag searched by an adult in the school if they suspected they were carrying illegal items. However, if the student had personal items in their backpack and were embarrassed about them in any way, having a person dig through their bag to look for illicit substances that they would most likely not possess in the first place would cause the student mental strain and a possible loss of trust in the adult carrying out the search and others in the school that didn’t challenge the validity of the search. In the court case of Safford Unified School District, the administrators of Safford Middle School strip searched a thirteen year old girl. The administrators were informed that she was in the possession of prescription strength ibuprofen and had given some to another student. The school was not provided a specific time or location that this had occurred. They had no evidence besides the word of another student that she possessed the pills, and therefore the search was unreasonable. More importantly, there was no reason for the school authorities to strip search a thirteen year old girl and cause her and her mother emotional trauma, especially not for alleged non-specific possession of an amount of ibuprofen equivalent to two Advil
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