Stop Judging Our Sexual Preferences

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If we aren’t judged by our race, gender, or social status then why should we be judged on our sexuality? There are a countless number of people who believe that marriage should always be between a man and a woman; however, are we not all equal and have the right do and feel as we please? After all, the Constitution says one of our liberties is the pursuit of happiness. However, homosexual couples are not allowed to gain happiness in the same way heterosexuals can because, legally, they cannot marry the person they love. Doesn’t that violate that liberty? Not only should homosexual marriage be equal in the law but also we shouldn’t have judgment posed on the homosexual community. One way of showing equality to the homosexual community would be giving them the right to the same marital rights that heterosexuals have. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation states that many same sex couples “…want the right to leally marry [and] honor their relationship in the greatest way our society has to offer…” (Pro Gay Marriage, Not only does our society frown upon the idea of same-sex couples but these couples also don’t get the same benefits that heterosexual married couples do. For example, New York Times estimates that a homosexual couple will have $41,196 to $467,567 additional expenses in their lifetime compared to a married heterosexual couple. For example, when these couples file for health care or car insurance though a job they cannot add each other to their plan.
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