Stop Poisoning Our Water

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The PBS documentary, Poison Waters, is a documentary on the disastrous state of America’s major water bodies that continue to be polluted by state governments and companies. The video is a source used to educate the general public on the dangers of pollution and the disastrous effects pollution will have on the environment. The video exposes a multitude of people and institutions that purposely turn a blind eye to what is going on in the environment. The main reason the state of the environment is still subpar is due of the lack of interest of the people about what’s going on. Due to the lack of interest there are many preventable problems that exist that are contributing to the depletion of our safe and healthy environment. Six decades ago, various sea creatures such as oysters, crabs and fishes were in abundance in the Chesapeake Bay, however today fishermen are struggling to bring in a bountiful harvest due to the level of pollution. The east coast heavily depends on the food able to be harvested from the Chesapeake Bay. Travel is also a major reason people embark upon the Bay with its easy access to various locations. Humans have over crabbed and overfished the bay seizing chances for the species to replenish themselves. Another problem is the aptly titled dead zones in the bay which is due to excess algae. The excess algae sucks up oxygen when it dies killing all the life at the bottom of the bay. Due to the ongoing problem affecting the health of the bay and its
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