Stop Solitary Confinement On Children And Adults Essay

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Introduction. The campaign I chose for this assignment is Stop Solitary for Kids and it the primary concern is stopping solitary confinement on children and adults. The reasons why the campaign believes in ending solitary confinement is because of the impact it has on the person such as mental health issues, depression and a higher risk of suicide. The campaign intends to end solitary confinement by discussing alternatives to solitary confinement thus ending it. This campaign does various things such as work with the government and uses public education to teach people about solitary confinement, policy reform, improving facility practices and much more. The reason why I feel that it is relevant to this course is that it is more commonly seen to see people of color in prison or jail and the chances of a person of color to be in solitary are of course more common than white people. As for gender, it is more common for men to experience into solidarity confinement, but women also experience it. Lastly, it is more common to see people of a lower class experience solitary confinement. The need for the social action.
The reasons that Stop Solitary for Kids believe that there is a need for social action is because of the research that proves that solitary confinement causes mental illness spike the rates of suicide and it does not fix the problem of the youth misbehaving but has the opposite effect. The reason why an inmate would be placed into solitary
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