Stop Starting And Start Finishing

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Stop Starting and Start Finishing! Have you ever felt like a frog in a blender; racing in circles at blurring speeds, trying desperately to swim against the current of stakeholder and management expectations, hell-bent on slicing you up at the slightest hint of delay; managing unrealistic schedules, lack of resources, and trying your hardest to deliver value only to realize that you keep going in circles and nothing gets done? If so, you might be a project manager (or product owner for us agile people). I reached a point once where I was feeling like this way too often and decided to seek advice. I received a lot of common sense suggestions and things I already knew. Then someone suggested I “stop starting and start finishing.” Um, gee thanks. What a complete and utter waste of my time. Thanks for nothing! But as time passed and I thought more about this statement, I realized, he was right. What’s the issue? Projects succeed or fail for a number of different reasons. It’s simply amazing how much effort must go into a successful project. But an all too common theme is having too much Work In Progress (WIP). Too much WIP spreads resources (programmers, QA, subject matter experts, etc.) for projects over longer periods of time and increases the chance that the project might be delayed, repurposed or cancelled altogether resulting in zero value for you and your customers. Let me be clear, your projects provide absolutely zero value until they are delivered. Further, as resources
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