Stop The Destruction Of The Athletes

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To stop the destruction of the athletes, the U.S government has to take direct actions. To be more specific, the Department of Health must insert strict laws to forbid the supplements stores for selling illegal anabolic steroids. If this action will be taken, the results will be positive because at first the law will reduce the public access to the steroids and then completely annihilate it. At the moment, every athlete, professional or not, can easily purchase anabolic steroids from local supplement stores or online. According to the Association against Steroid Abuse “ You see them (anabolic steroids) all over the Internet and they pop-up almost every day; advertisements for cheap steroids from a new groundbreaking lab”(AASA). The government has to prevent these stores from selling the illegal products by forcing the stores’ owners to stop buying the illegal chemicals and then made it accessible to the public. Another action that should be taken by the government is the ban of the companies that are illegally producing the anabolic steroids. To be honest, government tried to ban these companies a few decades ago but they managed to rise again and get the supplements from other countries, or even create black markets that can produce and sell anabolic steroids. According to the Taylor Hooton Foundation, a non-profit organization in a national campaign to end the rampant use of anabolic steroids, “ In the 1990s, most of the U.S producers of anabolic steroids such as Searle,
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