Stop The Exploitation Of Children

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Children soldiers are a tragic occurrence that robs the youth of this world their childhood, and sometimes even their life. I saw an add that is protesting child soldiers, the add was funded and made by the War Child charity. This ad depicts a grenade front and center, but instead of a run of the mill grenade this one is one is made out of balloons. There is also child-like writing at the bottom that says: “It’s easy to convince children that hitting is a game. Help stop the exploitation of children soldiers, text “GUNS25 E2’ to 70070”. The ad has a stark black background that gradually becomes lighter as it gets closer to the balloon grenade, highlighting the grenade. This ad could have been produced as a poster, a magazine ad, or distributed online (how I found it). The surface level purpose of this ad is to protest against children soldiers. With closer inspection the ad draws attention to the childhood some children are being robbed of. The use of clever advertisement tactics, such as the gradient of the background color that draws your eye to the center and the use of childhood icons (balloons), make it a successful and powerful ad. I feel as though this ad is quite powerful in its use of simplicity and allusions to childhood while protesting a tragedy that is happening all over the globe. The visual aspects of this ad are quite powerful. The first thing that your eye is drawn to is the balloon grenade in the middle of page because it is for the most part the only
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