Stop The Violence, Do Not Speed Essay

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Rana Sleiman
Ms. Dickson
English comp 1
December 4, 2016
Stop the violence, do not speed
In 2012, the Ecovia campaign from Brazil published an ad with the title of “stop the violence”. It displays a woman who has a yellow painted car on her cheek, and there is a man’s forearm with red truck painted on his fist. The image shows that the man is hitting the women’s face in an uppercut motion. As the man’s fist is striking the woman’s chin, the image of the red truck on the man’s fist and the image of the yellow car on the woman’s face portray a head-on collision of the two vehicles. The woman 's hair in the image shows the strong punch that she received, that mean, the strong of the accidents. The drama in the woman’s face also shows the fear that anyone will live when there is an accident. The words “Stop the violence, do not speed “are written next to this scene, and Ecovia’s logo was placed in the lower right-hand corner. Art was directed by Guilherme Rubini and the Creative Director is Ricardo Gandolfi. It was Illustrated by Cintia Suzuki with the help of Ernst photography (Young par. 3).
The Ecovia “Stop the Violence” ad is different from other ads because it takes an effective way to warn people about the seriousness of speed while driving. It tries to show the accident as physical fights, both sides will be in dangerous. Drivers between the ages of 16 to 30 are the audience in this advertisement. People in this age have a risk of accidents four times greater than

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