Stop Thinking About You Abusive

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Stop Thinking About You Abusive “Ex”

In order to stop thinking about anyone (abusive or otherwise), you need to replace those thoughts with different ones. Unfortunately, you just can’t “stop” thinking altogether so find other things to preoccupy your mind (thoughts) until this person is a distant memory. Try some of the following methods with all aspects of your life, not just the abusive ex. Negative thinking can have a substantial impact on all aspects of your life. The four principles listed below can be helpful in altering negative thoughts. As with anything new, you must learn these techniques by practicing each of them over and over again until you have mastered them.

1. How To Recognize Your Negative Thought Patterns
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One-way people cope with low self-esteem is to compensate by attaining status, respect, achievements and recognition. Other people deal with low self-esteem by becoming debilitated, isolating themselves from others and never attempting to reach their life goals. - Regret, Guilt, and Second-Guessing
Dwelling on mistakes that you’ve made in the past creates negativity. Feelings of guilt and irrelevance may occur when you replay the “bad” choices and “wrong” decisions over and over again. There is nothing inherently negative about reflecting on your past experiences. This is how you learn and mature as human beings. Regret and guilt arise when you repeatedly dwell on past situations with no willingness to learn – but instead you are self-loathing or wishing things were different instead of accepting things the way they are. - Problems, Problems And More Problems
Negative thoughts most often revolve around what’s wrong with your life. Your attention becomes single-minded and amplifies the perceived negative aspects of your life. In this mode, your mind is preoccupied with problems and will often downplay anything that is going well. - Never Enough Always In Need
Obsessing over all the things you think you “need” to make you happy is another negative thought pattern. Your “need” creates feelings of unhappiness, despair, and dissatisfaction. 2. Detached Yourself From Negative Thinking
People stuck in negative thought often feel despondent because
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