Stop Using Products That Have Been Tested On Animals And Show Them The Other Choices That They Have Out

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Specific Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to motivate my audience to stop using products that have been tested on animals and show them the other choices that they have out there.
Attention Step: According to PETA, “Animals are also used in toxicity tests conducted as part of massive regulatory testing programs that are often funded by U.S. taxpayers’ money. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Toxicology Program, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are just a few of the government agencies that subject animals to crude, painful tests.” (
Establish Need/Relevance: What you have just heard is an example of what a portion of taxpayers money goes toward. Certainly, there is a need for you as my audience to be aware of what goes on during animal testing and what we can do to stop this.
Establish Credibility: I have 3 dogs at home that I absolutely love. I couldn’t imagine one of my sweet, loving animals being tested on. I decided to use products, especially make up brands that are animal cruelty free. I want to see a change in the industry so I figured I would take a step towards doing so.
Thesis Statement: Today, I will share 3 main points. (1) We should recognize what animal testing is and the facts about it. (2) Specific brands that use animal testing. (3) The affects it has on animals.
Description of the problems:
1. What is animal testing
A: use of animals for research purposes,…
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