Stop Worrying With The Top 3 : Weather Worksite Safety Tips

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Stop Worrying With the Top 3 Springtime Weather Worksite Safety Tips

The old saying goes that April’s showers bring May’s flowers. However, these springtime showers may not be so great for your worksite. The weather of spring can wreak havoc on an outdoor worksite unless you’re prepared for it.

The best way to keep your workers safe and your work area as hazard-free as possible is to be aware of the best practices and risk management tools associated with springtime worksite safety. You should also be sure that your workers are educated on the topic, as well. You may want to enroll them in safety training programs on a regular basis. Once everyone involved knows how to keep a site protected from common springtime hazards, everyone on the site will benefit. Implementing the following tips could spare you from a lawsuit – even more importantly, doing so could prevent one of your workers from getting badly injured on the job.

1. Wear the Right Safety Gear

When they’re on a worksite, workers should always wear the right kind of safety gear (generally known as personal protective equipment, or PPE). Depending on the nature of your worksite, proper safety gear for the head and face might include safety goggles, a hard hat or helmet, and a face shield. PPE for the legs and feet may include protective leggings and safety shoes with toe guards. To shield the arms and hands, people on a worksite may need to wear protective gloves. Fall protection gear is also essential if

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