Stop at a Winner Betting

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Hi Valued buyer, Thanks for ordering my item on ebay, in the next 5 minutes you are going to see how i personally make money 100% legally at the bookmakers at the bottom of my street .... Not to mention you arent just buying this item and thats that, you have my email address and im hereon the computer everyday to help you if needbe thats A PROMISE ! When you go into the bookies tomorrow you will be walking out with a very big smile on your face, the example below is of the type of bets i do now, but as its your 1st time maybe you might want to try £5/£10 just so you know it works, either way after reading this you will see it DOES WORK and there is NO GAMBLING involved ... Ok enough rambling on, lets get too it ....Please note…show more content…
uNDER UK LAW IT MUST BE ACCEPTED FULL STOP . REMEMBER THIS .... I soon realised that with this system the odds are very heavily in your favour( 96% chance of winning with odds of 1/3 and 1 /2). When have you ever been able to say that ??? Im a spurs fan, but i usually stick to Man united, arsenal, Rangers, Celtic etc .... thats what gives me my EASY winnings, also id advise to bet on foreign games, as their is always teams at 1/3 etc Now ive explained it i truely hope you see the worth in my listing, im sure you can now see why this is a real worry for the bookies, if you need any more help dont hesitate to contact me like i said im a genuine guy with a family, and love knowing that if you take what i said onboard you too could be making £200+ each week just like me, please if pleased leave positive feedback , if for any reason your not happy and feel you dont want to do it then please contact me 1st as i want my feedback to remain positive and only ever want happy customers ..... Either way please email me as soon as you have read this and let me know your thoughts ... KEEP MY EMAIL ADDRESS LONG AFTER YOU HAVE BOUGHT THIS LISTING, I GUARANTEE TO HELP YOU IF NEEDBE, SAYING THAT ITS NOT HARD PICKING 1/2 2/5 BETS ETC ! BUT THATS MY PROMISE TO YOU AS A VALUED BUYER Thanks again Stephen And best of luck at the bookies ( not that youll need it !! PS If you wish to receive my weekly/daily tips once positive feedback is left you will
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