Stoppard's "The Invention of Love"

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How familiar must the audience of Stoppard’s The Invention of Love be with classical literature and with classics as a field of study? How does this affect the play’s potential audience, and why did Stoppard choose to do this?
The potential audience of the Invention of Love is limited in the first instance by the fact that it is a play for the stage. By proxy, the audience will be likely to have some knowledge of classical literature, as they will have more of a culture of theatre going. There is more of a tradition of classics amongst those that would have seen the play when it was first shown. Stoppard was a long established playwright by this time ; hence classical references will be more understood and even expected in a play about a
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Yet you will need to be intelligent enough to follow the play in the later case. Stoppard is obviously try to engage those of the audience with a classical knowledge, by showing that he understands them and welcomes them in to a closed-off area. However, this does not make the play inaccessible to a modern audience who may have a lesser knowledge of the classics. He either builds on people’s knowledge of classical literature, while at the same time tries to introduce others to the world of classical studies. He takes the stereotype of a classical scholar to start off the play, but he presents this stereotype in a simple way so those who have no knowledge are able to understand this world. The play introduces us to modern scholars at first and then contrasted later in the play we are introduced to classics in the Victorian era. In the same dialogue, a lost play of Aeschylus is referred to and is also alluded to later, but the idea of Aeschylus is not. The play is explained but not Aeschylus’ perpetual place amongst the three great tragedians, although it is not important to the play as such, but the audience is given enough to understand that the classicist finds this important. The playwright takes the character’s field of study to show how this very cold, logical classicist is an extremely emotional poet. It also
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