Stopping Gang Violence in Toronto

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There have been many approaches taken to get rid of gang violence from the streets of Toronto. Whether it be by having tougher law's or taking guns off the street, very few methods have yet to be effective. When it comes to looking at a complex situation such as gang violence there are many factors that affect the reasons as to why people join gangs in the first place.Whether it is due to poverty, peer pressure, boredom or despair (Grabianowski). Gang violence can never be fully gotten rid of due to the fact that there will always be people who commit crimes whether it be just an individual or a group of people, however we can reduce the amount of people who choose to choose that pathway in their life.One of the most effective ways of getting rid of gang violence off the streets of Toronto is by having more activities provided for the youth in the communities with higher gang related crime rates. When it comes to decreasing or even potentially stopping gang violence on the streets of Toronto. We need to start by looking at the youth. Because after all they are in fact the future of the society we live in today. In psychology we learn that most of the children’s developmental process of what is right and wrong occurs during their childhood stage into their adolesence. In the childhood stage many factors that they incounter can affect the decision they would make in the future in regards to joining gangs. By getting to the youth we are able to grab the situation (gang
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