Stopping Medication For Terminally Ill Patients

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Stopping medication for terminally ill patients is immoral and unethical. Life is so valuable and precious even if it is full of hardships and illness. No one wants to end his life just because he is ill. Illness is so cruel and obnoxious, but there is always hope. Man is a hopeful creature; he is always hoping for the best. The road he travels by may be dry and thorny, yet he still has illusion of water and of green oasis. Hope is a sign of life and vitality. Who are you to decide for someone else to end his/her life instead of giving him/her hope? How should we determine what conduct is moral or immoral? What principles show what is morally right or wrong? These are the most important questions about all life 's issues. We must learn to “discern good and evil” (Hebrews 5:14 NIV). You may ridicule the idea of quoting from the Bible, but any moral or immoral issues not based on the Bible are just people 's ideas and opinions. Jacobus quoted about Spinoza that he said: “If men were born free, they would, so long as they remained free, form no conception of good and evil” (294). This confirms that there is no ethical or moral balance to indicate right from wrong except the Bible. The medical proverb 'do no harm ', for example, is based on the ethics of responsibility. On an article called “Bible Principles for Examining Moral Issues” it said: All of us have our own standards to follow, or we apply to others, yet sometimes we justify ourselves in not following these
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