Stopping a Friend from Suicide

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If a close friend of mine came to me and said: "I know you are studying abnormal psychology and I was wondering if you could help me. My roommate has been making some vague comments about wanting to die and once even said that she wanted to kill herself. I don't know if this is a real problem and if I should take it seriously, or if she is just saying this stuff to blow off steam or get attention. And I don't want to make it worse by asking about it. I don't know what to do”. From the information I have obtained and learned in abnormal psychology about suicide I would give my friend the most appropriate helpful advice I could give. I am far from a professional but would try my best at helping out a friend. Starting off with explaining exactly what suicide is. Suicide is the voluntary act of causing one’s own departure. There are four kinds of people who commit suicide, its important to know this because it can be used to help treat and help the person. They include the death seekers, those who intend on going through the act of suicide. Death initiators, those who believe they are simply moving up the process of death because it’s unavoidable. Death ignorers, those who do not fully understand the finality of death. Death darers, those who is unsure about the wish to die even if they attempt suicide. Risk or protective factors for suicide that might be important in understanding how “at risk” the person is would be a variation of factors at play. Risk factors are
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