Storage Strategies For The Enterprise Storage Environment And The Future Development Process

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Along with the computer appears, storage strategy becomes one of the most important features for data storing and data sharing based on computer infrastructure. Enterprises prefer faster performance, lower costs for the storage solutions, especially with a high security protection. Cost, performance, data backup, data recovery, data sharing, security issues are all popular topics for the enterprise storage strategies when they meet their storage issues. How can enterprise make a reasonable decision to meet their real requirements and business need based on their budget? How can enterprise know which is the best solution for their business strategies? How can enterprise move their data from old storage infrastructure to the new solution…show more content…
The Impact of Enterprise Storage Strategies
When a business started, the related data has been generated. Along with the development of the business, the data becomes larger and accumulates day by day. The accumulated data can be transferred to meaningful information for the managers’ decision makings. Storing and protecting the data is essential to the development of the enterprise business. Today, almost all enterprises use computer storage to store their data instead of the hard copy papers. In the past, hard copy papers stored the data for the enterprise, but it existed too many potential risks, such as data loss, data stolen, data destroy, or cannot sharing with others. In 1990s, more companies started to use computer hard drive to store their business data; this change impacted the later development of the storage strategies. Along with the technology development and the data becomes bigger and bigger, big data problems appear. How can enterprise store such large data and manage such large data effectively? Currently there are several classic storage strategies to help enterprise solve their data storage problems, such as spinning media, flash, and cloud. The enterprise also can select onsite or offsite option as their considerations based on their business environment. Security issues are popular discussion topics as well in this paper.

Success factors and pitfalls for spinning media
The spinning media solution for enterprise storage
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