Stories behind the Complex Compositions: Sculpture Comparison

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This paper will discuss and compare A Faun Teased by Children sculpture, of the Italian Baroque style, and the Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer of the French impressionist style. These two sculptures give us a clear insight and allows us to peer in on the moment that is taking place. The active movement, strong diagonals and dramatic facial expressions of the figures in A Faun Teased by Children tells the on looker a vivid detailed story of the actions that are taking place and what role each figure is taking on, in a mythical scene, while the stagnant and serene pose of the Fourteen Year Old Girl resonates calmness and a moment that has not taken place just yet. A Faun Teased by Children is a sculpture chiseled out of marble,…show more content…
The naughty babies’ facial expressions showcase different moods. The baby that is tugging on the faun’s hair has sort of a humanized demonic smile on its face as if it is enjoying the agony that he is causing the faun. The baby grasping his arm looks mildly annoyed with little to no excitement on his face. The baby that is at the bottom of the tree looks terrified with a stinging hint of pain flashing across his face. His body is also tense and in an uncomfortable position straddling the lion with his back twisted back. These actions are all engaging. The toothless faun wearing a wreath is shown advancing up the tree. He is engaged in an open pose his legs are drastically stretched in the opposite direction and his arm replicate his legs in opposition. The faun looks as if he is try to escape the wrath of the children. His face sports an agonizing tense grimace that mirrors the expression of the child at bottom of the tree: pain and tension because the pulling of his hair. The animals in the scene are engaged. The lizard appears to be escaping the commotion. The pregnant lion underneath the falling child is enjoying a healthy fruity snack, removing his subconscious mind from the commotion that is currently taking place whilst holding the child’s left leg captive. The skin of a lion is resting on a branch of the tree just under the left arm of the faun. The

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