Stories of People before Us

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It was many years ago, long before your beloved parents or even their own. It was far past the time when skyscrapers first began their grazing of the heavens, past even the taking advantage of devote teachers. Further still, our story takes us. Much like many tales of this sort- there is perhaps little truth weaved in all- that serve not as references for literal information but references for wisdom and understanding. I do not profess that readers who study these tomes will come out any the wiser, nor is it this tome’s sole purpose. Some things in life do not require purpose nor plan, but moving forward. Before our world, there was perhaps another. In it lived a single person, a woman perhaps, who ruled over all the animals and plants. She, like most others, did not enjoy her solitude and decided to design a people to accompany her. So thus, people came to be. Despite the people, she had no joy. Those she had created were savage, greedy, and sinful. It displeased her. However, she was merciful and could not bring herself to destroy them, so instead felt it necessary to guide them. To assist her she created a new type of people, one who would embody all that she valued. These people would be rulers and would rule over the other citizens. To form her new rulers she took four traits, agápē (unconditional love), compassion, generosity, trustworthiness, and composed one whom she would entrust with her people. Carefully she layered a combination of agápē-trustworthiness
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