"Storm Boy".

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Storm Boy is an Australian movie that has been loved and has given great pleasure and joy to a wide range of audiences for many, many years. Not just Australian audiences but also overseas, where people have learnt a little of what Australian scenery looks like.

The first day of shooting the film was on 24th May 1976 but before this many decisions had to be made. Matt Carroll, the producer had to get permission from the author of the book, Colin Thiele who wrote the book in 1963. Once he got permission he had to find the right scriptwriter who could capture the true spirit of the book. Because the book tells the reader a lot of descriptions of the scenery, the film could show the audience in one shot what was written on pages so quite
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Another scene where they found the pelicans moody was when Greg (Storm Boy) was returning the pelicans to the sanctuary, the bird that he was holding suddenly had enough of acting and pecked him on the head, making it bleed. If you look closely you can see the surprise on Greg's face and notice that he is not holding the pelican so closely.

Near the end of filming Matt Carroll noticed the pelicans did not appear as real character because they never talked. Matt Carroll and Michael Carlos, music director, came up with sounds from ducks and other wild life and some musical instruments that represented words like yes, no, maybe and look at me.

Greg Rowe became Storm Boy. He was chosen from over four hundred boys who wanted to become Storm Boy. Henri Safron, the director wanted to see each boy change expression on their faces so he made them change their expression from happy to sad after passing over a line marked on the ground. Greg Rowe used a technique where he would think of something that made him really sad after he crossed the line, this was of the loss of his grandmother who he loved very much.

David Gulpilil was chose for Fingerbone as Matt Carroll had seen him played in two other films, "Walkabout" and "Mad Dog Morgan" and liked what he saw.

Peter Cummins a stage and film actor played Hideaway Tom.

Gordon Noble, a dolphin trainer agreed to try and train the pelicans. This was not as easy as he first thought as he

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