Storm Essay

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In the early morning hours, I waited, perched on the bow leaning over the edge of the vessel. I took a deep breath in, A familiar scent filled my nose: slightly sulfury, and a pinch of musk from the damp air. The droplets of briny seawater clung to my stubble as I peered into the storm. The fog overcame my sightlines, I could only see about fifty meters into the distance. As our vessel sailed through the choppy waters, I could make out what looked to be a wall of some sort. Suddenly, an alarm sounded behind me. Rapidly, I turned around to see why someone had triggered such a ruckus, Captain Byrne sat in the cockpit signaling for me to hurry back inside the boat, that’s when I noticed the seeming wall-like object was a wave. I pushed my…show more content…
Oskar had a plethora of scars ranging in size covering his forearms and face. Do I dare question the origin of these grizzly markings? I conscientiously asked, “Sorry to be nosy, but what happened?” as I pointed to the spots in which the scars were located.
Somewhat blindsided by the inquiry, Oskar seemed to search for a feasible answer. Oskar quickly snapped, “I got into a bar fight back in Charlottetown,”. Oskar looked at me, his blank stare peering right through me. He appeared to snap out of a daze and walk away, exiting the living quarters. There was something strange about that interaction, I thought to myself. It almost seemed as if he was a puppet being controlled by his puppeteer. I tried to get back into my read but I could not shake the abnormality of his mannerisms out of my head.
The daylight faded over the horizon, the rough choppy morning waves had dyed down into stillness, they were ignited by the warm, orange glow of the sun. Whatever light was left shimmered off of the water, and reflected back at me. Dusk turned into the dead of night, the cool ocean breeze flowed throughout the whole vessel. The crashing of the waves against the hull lulled me to sleep. In the wee hours of the night, I was shaken awake by the ship’s First Mate, “You’re up next.” He exclaimed. I acknowledged him and jumped into my clothes. I made my way to the captain’s deck,
Captain Byrne stood manning the wheel. He spied me out of
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