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It's a fact, when talking on the subject of war, we presume that if the generals and country leaders didn't start them, they would by no means occur. In a book like Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger, though, there seems to be one more requirement, ready and enthusiastic soldiers. Junger would have probably preferred themselves "warriors" or barbarians. It's within this book that Ernst Junger tells the story of a man who describes and most likely believed that the battlefront of World War I was not a awful place to be, in fact that it was a quite magnificent place to be. Without a doubt, the reader can tell that Junger feels it was an honor to able to participate in Kaiser Wilhelm's war for the good of the Fatherland. Ernst Junger was simply…show more content…
"To be overcome by one's weakness is only human."(304) Other than by looking at the fight as something bigger than his individual story, he is able to undo his sense of being human, and is therefore able to contain his own craving for protection and well-being. Ernst Junger established much more than significance for the war as a whole, but somewhat found meaning for his complete existence in his book, Storm of Steel and that alone is reason enough for those in Nazi Germany to embrace him as one of their own. He was always placed in a situation that, it can be alleged that in order to stay alive, or at least survive emotionally sane, one has to think that there is a validation for war and that skirmishing in it is more than an responsibility, but an opportunity, chance, and a necessity. For the person it has to be mentally fulfilling and for a nation it means that it sharps one of its blades. Ernst informs us, "...all success springs from individual action, while the mass of troops give impetus and weight of fire."(301) If bravery is doing something notwithstanding being scared, then anyone can dispute that Ernest Junger, apart from his politics and whether or not he supports Nazi Germany, was a courageous man. Nevertheless, regardless of how dignified the reason may be, ultimately the mind has to discover a way to handle all the carnage that he describes. You can either pretend it wasn't happening as his fellow soldiers were doing, or you

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