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Storm of Steel provides a memoir of the savagery and periods of beauty that Ernst Jünger’s experienced while serving the German army during the First World War. Though the account does not take a clear stand, it lacks any embedded emotional effects or horrors of the Great War that left so few soldiers who survived unaffected. Jünger is very straightforward and does remorse over any of his recollections. The darkness of the hallucinations Jünger reports to have experienced provides subtle anti-war sentiment. However, in light of the descriptive adventures he sought during the brief moments of peace, the darkness seems to be rationalized as a sacrifice any soldier would make for duty and honor in a vain attempt for his nation’s…show more content…
In Champagne, Jünger relates a bravery that, despite injury and brutal images, does not fade throughout the war. Jünger writes about the men around him who “seemed to cower while running at full pelt, as though under some frightful threat. The whole thing struck me as… ridiculous…seeing people doing things one doesn’t fully understand .” He recalls his own humor toward trench warfare and his sense of fearlessness, describing “boredom in the trenches as more enervating for the soldier than the proximity of death .” Jünger describes numerous accounts of physical injuries, including his own, as well as encounters with the dead and dying, however these are always very straightforward descriptions. He writes that he and his comrades “…pinned our hopes on an attack… .” His greatest remorse was for “…the incessant trench-digging ” that was unnecessary and overtiring. Even in light of gas attacks, Jünger “occasionally left [his mask] behind in [his] dugout, and used its case…as a container for sandwiches .” It was not until witnessing the death of many men that he felt he was taught a lesson.
Jünger was always prepared for death and grateful for minimal losses. At the Battle of the Somme, Jünger said, “I resolved to reply to the first English call I received with a hand-grenade .” He was also

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