Storming Of Bastille Essay

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The Storming of Bastille happen in July of 1789. The people of Paris thought, “The prison had become a symbol of the monarchy’s dictatorial rule.” The prison was a state prison and people were against the idea of it. The inspiration of my design for the movie poster was the effect of the peoples actions and how their actions meant more than their words. Basically, a large group of angered people went to the prison in order to make a statement and attacked the prison. My design has a very old feel to it, the colors are shades of brown, khaki, black and white, the font has a very antique feel. The first picture, on the very top is a picture of the setting, in Bastille and shows a picture of the people attacking the prison. I think that this picture is very powerful and shows the effect of how many people were at the…show more content…
It is very informational and just seeing other movie posters can help you to connect the historical events that happen in the Revolution and how they are all tied together. The poster is very informational, fun to look at because of the pictures, has information about the main characters, and even has a code for you to learn more about the the storming at Bastille and have some background information about it. I think that the Stomping of the Bastille movie poster, “The World Prison Break at Bastille” is very informational. You learn a lot about the history by just the cover, and the characters. Not only that, but the name is very meaningful. People around the world learned about the storming at Bastille because of the newspaper, “The World” and that's where the name comes from. The colors and everything involved in my movie poster add to the theme of the time and place and the slogan on the front is very effective in telling you the information that you should know prior to the
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