Storms: A Fictional Narrative

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Rebecca's hustling around the store, placing new merchandise on the shelves. She and her husband Dan owns a small antique and collectible shop on the outskirts of town. It was her mother's shop, but Rebecca agreed to take it over when she became ill. Her husband Dan suggested she sell the buisness, claiming it'd take more money to run it that what it could possibly bring in. Rebecca couldn't stand the thought of selling the family heirloom. It's where she spent most of her free time as a child, where she grew up. A place where she learned some of life's most valuable lessons and more importantly, where she met Dan. She just couldn't part with the store no matter how he justified the idea. Seeing how much the place met to her, Dan didn't push…show more content…
"You and your wild tales, Wilbur." "That'll keep Dan busy for a while," she thinks, grabbing another box. She starts searching through the large container when she hears the wind starting to pick up. Glancing outside, she notices the skies are quickly darkening. "A storm must be rolling in. I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to start loading these up," she concludes, moving to another box. She starts looking through it when something clanked beside her. She jumps, sending the box tumbling to the floor. "Oh, now look what I did." She huffs, scooping up the content. She's placing the last item in the box when she started getting an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach, like she's being watched. Turning towards the door, she sees a large dark mask staring back at her. Glancing around, she notices children's toys are suspended in midair all around her. Suddenly, the small unit fills with music and children's laughter as the toys begin dancing about. Letting out a terrifying scream, she bolts towards the front of the building. She felt something grab a hold of her leg as she steps out of the door. "Help me!" She screams, tumbling to the concrete
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