Stormwater Remediation Case Study

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The Village of Seawolf is currently under contemplation of undertaking a Stormwater Remediation Project, which will reduce storm water runoff into University Bay. As a result of the flow of this storm water runoff from the village roads and into University Bay, the local bathing beach and bed of hard clams have undergone closure for an undetermined period of time. The Village of Seawolf will vote on whether or not to undertake this Stormwater Remediation Project based on the cost, as well as if the project will be beneficial or not.
Storm water is water that is created during precipitation, as well as during snow or ice events. As a result of these events, storm water runs off pavements, yards, and rooftops, often picking up and carrying
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In my opinion, we as human beings understand the negative consequences of our actions, such as littering or not cleaning up after our pets. With that said, I personally feel that people do not think that these actions have a serious affect on the environment, such as the pollution of University Bay. If they did, there would be no need for a Stormwater Remediation Project, due to absence of negative effects on the environment as a result of stormwater. If this proposed project were to be funded for, I believe that it would be extremely hard to implement into the Village of Seawolf, due to the residents already adapting to the regulations previously in…show more content…
When dealing with a concept such as the impacts of stormwater runoff into University Bay, most residents would not see the changes that occur if this project was implemented. The reason for this is simply that most of the changes would be occurring within University Bay and the residents would not really be able to view the effects of the reduction of stormwater on aquatic life. With that said, the residents of the village of Seawolf would feel they are investing money towards a lost cause and want to stop investing in the project.

To conclude, the Stormwater Remediation Project has great potential if it is strictly implemented into a community. In the case of the Village of Seawolf, I feel as if the residents would not vote for this project, due to the lack of confidence in the changes it could have on their everyday life. Also, I feel that it would be very difficult to get a community of residents to all be on board for taking a step in the right direction and making changes, because as unfortunate as it seems, a majority of people lack interest in making changes to protect our

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