Stormy Coast

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The second painting that caught my eye was Ships in a Stormy Sea Off a Coast by Ludolf Backhuysen. The painting was created in circa 1700 to 1705. It is oil on canvas, and the picture plane is 59 3/8 inches to 91 1/8 inches. The original painting can be found at the North Carolina Museum of Art. The painting portrays ships that are struggling to stay topside against the raging storm. The painting can be found in the European collection because Backhuysen was a Dutch artist.
Formal theorist might would comment on how the painting is done in mostly dark colors with small strokes of light colors added in to create contrast. The ocean is a deep, dark blue, with a white crest on the waves. The ships are painted brown and the sails are a cream color. The clouds are a dark grey. In the top right corner the sky is a light blue color with white clouds contrasting greatly with the dark storm clouds. The painting was made by smooth brush-strokes. Formal theorists could say that Ships in a Stormy Sea Off a Coast has asymmetrical balance. The bottom right corner has a green and light brown cliff. The cliff is placed at the bottom of the painting and is
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The scene is daunting and gorgeous. The boats seem like they are fighting against the tumultuous storm and the raging ocean waves. The ships seem to be fighting an impossible fight. This painting inspires the feelings of courage, fear, and anxiety in the viewer. The courage is inspired by the thought of the passengers of the ships who are withstanding a vicious storm and rattling waves. Fear is struck into the viewer’s heart by the precarious positions that the ships are in. The fearful thought of drowning or of a ship capsizing is inspired by this painting. The anxiety that the viewers feel comes from the speculation of if the ships are going to stay afloat or if they will be brought to the ocean floor, forever to remain. Overall the piece is very captivating and
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