Story Analysis : Fairy Tales And Horror Stories

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I wake up, from the freezing air that surrounds me in the empty room. It 's kinda been like this for a while... And it 's not like I can escape whatever this ‘darkness’ is called. “Where is it…”. I walk across the room and grab the crumpled journal. This is how I spend each day; documenting the bruised life that I live in. It 's not fulfilling at all, ...obviously. I can still, faintly remember the scent of my room, where i would spend most of my days, when boys were the least of my problems. I’d write stories. Fairy Tales and Horror Stories; Enjoyed writing those the best. It was as if you were able to create your own little world, other lives, and you were the one who was in control of how they ended. A lot my character’s lives would turn out great, they were happy. Sometimes I made characters based on what it would be like to live in a perfect world, wishing I could have a happily ever after. Am I the only one? But, writing my stories would also help me relieve a lot of anger that was built up inside of me on certain days. On the days where I was myself, which was the reason I was bullied a lot. And it’s funny how quickly that had changed once I had changed myself. Anyways, living this life now is horrible. This definitely wasn 't the reason why I had ran away. ….I want to go back… But who the hell would take me back from what I had done to them. I open to a new page and start writing: January 3rd: I 'm getting sick and tired of this. About a year already. one

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