Story Excerpt: Daniella and Dylan

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After the whole Ione incident Daniella decided to show me around. This place was pretty cool and from up close the beach looked better which i don’t know how that possible. Of course you know the fact that there were shirtless guys walking around was a plus. In my opinion they had nothing against Luke, but i’m probably biased. A couple of guys were looking at Daniella and I’s way, but they were probably looking at her so i just kept walking forward. “Hey Daniella those guys over there are looking at you,” I told her. “Ya, you see the brunette over there the one with the green eyes?” she asked, I nodded. “ I kinda have a thing for him. Oh shush he’s coming this way act natural.” I don’t understand why she told me to act natural i wasn’t even doing anything. “Hey Daniella who’s this?” From up close you could tell that he light brown hair and these amazing green eyes that seemed to put you in a trance, also he was pretty tall. “Oh this is Piper, she’s new,” She said. I have to give it to her she was acting calm and collected if i was talking to someone i liked i would probably be a hot mess. “Thats cool, It’s nice to meet you,” He said while giving a dazzling smile. “I’m Dylan and this is Logan.” He pointed to his friend. I smiled at him, his friend was a couple inches shorter than him, but still taller than me. He has this light blue eyes that looked like the sky and dark brown hair. He was cute in a skater type guy and his smile was beautiful. “So what can i help you

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