Story Of An Hour Conflict Essay

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“The Story of an Hour,” by Kate Chopin, is about the emotional turmoil Louise Mallard faces upon learning that her husband, Brently, has been killed in a train accident. The news of Brently’s death is initially received by Brently’s friend, Richard, who after learning about the tragedy, rushes to the Mallard’s house to ensure the news is shared gently with Louise Mallard, who’s suffering from heart problems. After Josephine, Mrs. Mallard’s sister, shares the news of Brently’s death with Louise, Mrs. Mallard is instantly stricken with grief and requests to be alone. Accepting the news of Brently’s death, Mrs. Mallard hastily overcomes her grief and finds joy in her new found freedom from her oppressive marriage. However, this placid mood soon ends when Brently returns home, having not been killed as reported,…show more content…
Mallard and Mr. Mallard is strongly emphasized in the story, the key external supporting conflict is man versus society. Throughout the story Mrs. Mallard is constantly struggling with the “powerful will bending hers with that blind persistence” (340). The way others thought Mrs. Mallard should act is constantly a determining factor in how she carries herself and how she is treated. Mrs. Mallard’s supposed heart problems that required her to be told “in broken sentences; veiled hints that revealed in half concealing” about the death of her husband, along with the contrast that is given between how Mrs. Mallard reacts to her husband’s death in relation to how other women would have reacted, shows us that Mrs. Mallard wasn’t living for herself but according to the rules of society. This conflict is not emphasized a great deal in the story but is important because it reveals the cause of Mrs. Mallard’s internal thoughts. Societal oppression caused her personal revelation. The life-long oppression put into motion the desire for freedom and is resolved by her determination to keep her independence, even if it’s
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