Story Of An Hour Dramatic Irony Essay

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A tragedy has struck the home of Mrs. Mallard and has a lot of dramatic irony verbal irony and also situational irony has happened in the story.

Mrs. Mallard sister Josephine had to break her the bad news that her husband has passed away after she was already told she has a heart disease herself. Mrs. Mallard also wasn’t hearing the same story as the other women. This is the act of Verbal Irony someone saying something and not meaning it there was plenty different stories that Mrs. Mallard was told and none seem to be the right one. After being told the news Mrs. Mallard walked in her room and took a seat in her chair to let the news sink in. As Mrs. Mallard is sitting in the chair she thinks about the freedom she is about to receive. She
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Mallard wanted to feel again. Mrs. Mallard was waiting patiently for something to happen as she felt it would like something good coming out of her husband passing away. She also feels now her bosom and rose fell tumultuously saying that means her body was feeling wonderful and she was ready to get back out there and date again. This is situational Irony Mrs. Mallard now feels after the situation with her husband has occurred she is now ready to get back out there and explore the world again see what is has to bring her. She also realized something was coming over her. Mrs. Mallard could only think about the freedom she was about to receive with the passing of her husband. Mrs. Mallard had realized she could live for herself now and nobody else. Being under a powerful will is what Mrs. Mallard felt like she was all those years. She now feels like no man or women she impose their will on her again. She knew there would still be sad moments and that she would weep again. Also she would have to look at a face that had never looked and save with love upon her. The situational Irony of this is Mrs. Mallard wants to date again she wants to live life free with no for her to answer too or tell her what to
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