Story Of An Hour Short Story Essay

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Short Fiction Analysis Essay: “The Story of an Hour”
Death awakens many emotions. In the short story “The Story of an Hour” written by Kate Chopin symbolism and Irony are used to show the freedom the character (Mrs. Mallard) wants from her husband. Mrs. Mallard is forced into an emotional roller coaster that eventually brings out her true feelings of freedom. The story has different symbols in the meaning of freedom to and how ironic these symbols become to Mrs. Mallard at the end of the story. For many married women marriages can be a symbol of love, unity, and fidelity until death do us part. This story gives the perspective that love was not there from Mrs. Mallard towards Mr. Mallard. Chopin description of how some women think of marriage as the fulfillment in their life, while others see it as a cage is a good example of marriage in that era. Women in that time only live confined to the home and see little to nothing of their husbands. They spend their day taking care of the house, children, and have a small social life. “Middle-class women 1890s America, women who were subjected to a strict set of social codes that governed female…identity” (Emmert 56). Mrs. Mallard mentions she will cry again when she sees her husband’s dead body. The way she describes her husband’s kindness and love towards her makes the reader believe there is some love in that marriage. However, feels trapped by her marriage and her sickness. Her husband expresses his love for her by being
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