Story Of An Hour Slavery Essay

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Marriage Slavery In “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard finds out her husband died. At first Mallard is sad but, after a while she realizes she’s free and becomes a new women who can make her own choices and live for herself. Mallard walks out her room happy until she sees her husband alive and drops dead where she stood. Back in the day people would get married young without really knowing who the other person was, Mallard originally had a bad heart but I believe the author Kate Chopin had a different message in the text that males took offensively when Mallard died. This story can have a lot of different messages but I think the main one is being a slave as a women in a marriage. Men who read this story got offended and angry. The guys saw this story as a dangerous thing because they didn’t want women getting any ideas about being told what to do. Men like to be in control of everything around them but Kate Chopin was not making their situation any easier. Men were shocked by Mallard…show more content…
After reading this story women started realizing how quickly they got married and how much they have to do in order to be happy in the marriage. Men always assume women should be in the kitchen making food, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, shopping or other things around the house to make him happy while he goes and works. Women were questioning whether or not they made the right choice to get married at their age or if they should get a divorce to be with someone that makes them happy or equal in the relationship. After reading this I realized I wanted to wait a few years to get to know the guy I am with and be comfortable with him before I even think about getting married and I am sure other girls thought the same thing after reading this and even followed through with getting a divorce or changing the
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