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“The Story of an Hour,” written by Kate Chopin, is a short story featuring a woman with a feeble heart, and the story centers on Louise Mallard and her reactions to her husband’s “death.” Throughout “The Story of an Hour,” Louise Mallard experiences various emotions that leave her wondering how she truly feels about the news of her husband’s death. Before leaving her room and after hours of genuine depression, Louise Mallard realizes that her husband’s death may have granted her something extremely valuable: independence. Chopin created the story in an era where men predominantly controlled the lives of women. In “The Story of an Hour,” Louise Mallard is expelled from the chains of her husband’s control. Although they had a content, loving…show more content…
Kate Chopin writes, “She could see in the open square before her house…” (para. 5). Although this simple quote may seem insignificant at the surface to the audience, it is a crucial form of symbolism to the story that Chopin uses to insert a small sense of innovation into the character of Louise Mallard. Joseph Rosenblum states that the window “does not intervene between her and nature and allows her the scope of infinite vision“ (para. 16). Without the window, Louise Mallard would have never found the inspiration that led her to discover just how wonderful her unfamiliar, new chapter of her life truly is. The window gives her vision to the world she had never seen before her husband’s “death.” The window is another form of symbolism that plays a significant role in Louise Mallard experiencing the happiness that her newfound independence created. Although the window in Louise Mallard’s bedroom and the nature that lies just outside of her bedroom are both prominent forms of symbolism in “The Story of an Hour,” those are not the only ones.
The stairs of Louise Mallard’s house symbolize the elevation and descension of her freedom from her husband. Kate Chopin describes Louise Mallard going to her room in serious despair, but when she leaves her room, she exits feeling like a “goddess of Victory” (para.
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Each piece of symbolism provides support to the independence and the joy resulting of the independence. The short story teaches a valuable lesson of the joy that can be obtained from the independence of being single. It not only demonstrates the importance of independence, but it also has and continues to empower women and men. The short story has captivated the minds of numerous feminists as one of the earliest pieces of the feminist movement. It was a remarkable piece for its time as it managed to empower women and not contain a traditional woman. The independence and the joy it produces could have never been exemplified as well without the powerful symbolism that Kate Chopin
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