Story Of Cinderella

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Cinderella is one of the most iconic fairy tales that come to mind. Everyone knows how the story of Cinderella goes! Or do they? Many different countries around the world. There are many different ways that this story has been told. I am going to show you the differences of how the story of Cinderella is told from: France, Germany, and Norway in respective order and about their character, plot, and setting.
First let’s start off with the French version of the story. This version of Cinderella is very similar to the version that people came to know. For characters you have Cinderella, the prince, The stepmother, the stepdaughters, the father, and the godmother. Cinderella is the beautiful daughter that is hardworking and kind to others. The
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The house has very nice beds for the stepdaughters and has a chimney corner. There is a garret where Cinderella sleeps at with a straw bed. The house had very nice and up to date rooms but for only the stepdaughter's to enjoy.
Now that the setting is done, next is the plot of the French version of Cinderella. The plot of the story is that Cinderella’s father was married to the stepmom who brought her stepdaughters to live with Cinderella. Cinderella is then treated very poorly by the stepdaughters and is forced to work the jobs that no one wants and then is forced to help her sisters get ready for a dance that she can not attend. Cinderella is then visited by her godmother to help her go to the dance.
After the French version of Cinderella, the German takes Cinderella to a slightly more darker point of view. The characters are Cinderella, Cinderella’s mother, the stepmother, and the stepdaughters as usual, but instead of a godmother, there are pigeons. Cinderella is just as beautiful and kind as she usually is. The stepmother and the stepdaughters are there and as nasty as usual, but the stepdaughters are beautiful as well and also are willing to cut off pieces of their feet so they can get with the prince. Cinderella’s mother is in the story but not for a long time since she dies early, but she seems to care about Cinderella very
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