Story Of Henry ' Box ' Brown

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story of Henry “Box” Brown. A slave from Virginia, Henry managed to escape in a sealed shipping container heading north to an abolitionist safe house Philadelphia. There is also the case of Samuel Burris, a free black man in Delaware involved in the trade, who was caught aiding runaway slaves. As punishment in his state, he would be auctioned back off into slavery. Fortunately for Burris, one of his white associates impersonated a buyer at the auction to technically win back his freedom (Underground Railroad – Whisper…). While many unrecorded successful attempts have been undoubtedly lost to history, the ones that survived highlight the intelligence and craftiness of both the slaves and their allies. However, there were great risks.
While the northern Untied States was a popular destination for many runaways, it was not the only one. Until the early 1820’s when Spain ceded Florida to the United States, many slaves would take the southern passage to the sunshine state. With the Spanish occupation force primarily focused on developing military outpost, there was a need for military troops. In exchange for freedom, the blacks would have to pledge their loyalty to the Spanish crown. The “Spanish governor Diego de Quiroga y Losada welcomed them and refused to return them to their English owners, maintaining that they were religious refugees and even offering to buy them” (White 77). In 1693, the Spanish King Charles II “issued a royal proclamation granting liberty to all…
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