Story Of Keesh Analysis

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When having to face living in harsh environment, that person may experience starvation, thirst, the feeling of being alone or strand. In both “Life of Pi” excerpt and “The Story of Keesh”, both characters had either faced one or the other problem, and had to live difficult lives in different ways. But they both and difficult challenges to face. They weren’t just become successful in facing their problems by didn’t cry or give up, instead they toughened up and faced the challenge ahead of them like a true hero. In both “The Story of Keesh” and the book excerpt “Life of Pi” both characters demonstrate their bravery and intelligence when they are trying to survive in the harsh environments that they are living in. In the book excerpt from…show more content…
By trying to hunt on his own with no help and do it alone at such a young age. In the beginning of the story it starts off how Keesh shows his first sign of being brave and intelligent by talking back to the council and going to prove them wrong. This was demonstrated when Keesh stated “Hear me ye men!” he cried. “Never shall I speak in the council again, never shall I speak in the council again, never again till the men come to me and say, ‘It is well, Keesh, that thou shouldst speak, it is well and it is our wish.....” (London 64). Here Keesh is throwing a challenge at the council and telling them that he will bring justice. Also this takes bravery and courage for Keesh to talk back to his council. Keesh”s first step in proving the council wrong, being brave and intelligent is by stating in the text “....Noted that he carried his bow, with a good supply of bone- barbed arrows, and that across his shoulder was his father’s big hunting spear.” This example shows that Keesh wasn’t joking and is going hunting. Also it shows that Keesh is brave because he is about to hunt at this young of an age. Also this how resourceful by having the right equipment to hunt. The last thing that proves Keesh is brave and intelligent is when in the text it states “Early next morning, however Keesh strode into the village….. Across his shoulders he bore a burden of fresh killed meat….” (London 65). Finally Keesh was able to show his bravery and intelligence of hunting at such a young age. This shows how Keesh proved everyone wrong and showed how he was successful in his first hunt at a young age. This is showing bravery and victory for Keesh and helping 1 step ahead to prove the council
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