Story Of The Famous Olympic Distance Runner

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Maizee Lamb OL 300 01 Everyone is capable of showing leadership traits – it just a matter of finding a motivation. The leadership trait theory explains that some people are born with inherited traits while others using a combination of traits to fit in their leadership roles. The movie Unbroken tells the story of the famous Olympic distance runner, Louis "Louie" Zamperini, who sets a record for running distances in his final lap. The story begins by showing Louie using his bombing abilities as part of the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II, then flashes back to him as a troubled child who moves to The United States from Italy. If Louie had not found self-confidence when he was younger, he would not have mastered the other common core traits of leadership and may not have survived his time in Japan. By showing different types of leadership traits and theories, it is possible to analyze the characters from Unbroken and discover why this true story occurred in the way it did. To assess Louie Zamperini, it is first important to understand the impact his brother had on him. Pete Zamperini joined the track and field team once they moved to America. Louie’s hobbies were quite the contrary when they made the transition to California. He drank alcohol, smoked, and got into fights with other boys. Their parents were not keen with Louie’s behavior, but punishing him did not stop him from looking up women’s skirts at Pete’s track practices. Once Pete saw how fast Louie ran away
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