Story Of The Lizard Who Had The Habit Of Dining On His Wives By Eduardo Galeano

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Symbolism in literature is used to give an entirely different meaning which is more significant and much deeper to a story using objects representing other objects and giving them a sense that is different from their literal meaning. The meaning of the symbols used to depend on the reader, and there is no universal meaning for symbols used because their purpose is inherent in the symbol itself. In both stories, the authors use symbols to give different meanings to their story. In Eduardo Galeano's story, the central symbolism is the relationship between Dulcidio and his wives which is used to show the relationship dynamic between men and women and especially in a marriage setting as husband and wives. The lizard consuming his wives and still asking for more to quench his appetite is a representation of how men take over the identity of their wives and yet keep demanding for more from the women such as setting up a home and giving them children. Most women change their last name after marriage and take over the identity of the husband. This is like consuming the…show more content…
This symbol is identified due to the use of a lizard which is a reptile, and most reptiles are known to be predators who hunt the weaker prey for food and survival. The author uses to portray men as predators and women as the prey. This is especially evident when Dulcidio meets the lady who does not fall into the lure as all the other women feel into which is the proclamation of his wealth (Galeano). She is not the least bit interested, and this evokes the predatory characteristics of the lizard. He keeps going back to the same place he met her in the hopes of meeting her again and convincing her to be his wife. He is behaving like a predator waiting for his
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