Story about a Car Wreck Essay examples

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“We have to get them out of there!” I heard voices yelling out in the distance, but was to lightheaded to know where they were coming from.
Confused, shocked and fear filled my mind as I lye on my side, gasping for air, trying desperately to stagger onto my knees. A sharp pain suddenly ran up my spine into my forehead and quickly I collapsed back onto the cold damp floor inside this mangled metal coffin in which I was trapped in. Bit by bit I moved my hand closer to my forehead, trying to impede this massive throbbing that was affecting my head. I skimmed my forehead and paused my hand on a huge gash. The pain shot into my head again, but I was able to clutch on to the seat and hold my balance. There was blood pouring down the side
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Now enough questions .Go get ready and get in the van!”You could sense her blood burning now.
“I can’t believe your making me do this, he’s not even that good!”I knew what she was going to say next.
“You know for a fact he’s better than you. Maybe if you spent more time being around with him you wouldn’t be doing so badly in school!”She knew our conversation had ended and made her way to the front door.
“Now get changed and I’ll meet you in the van” and quietly made her exit.
I was use to that saying. It was kind of built into my system. My brother who was only one year younger than me was better than me at everything. Sports, school and best of all earning my parents praise. Whenever he would come home on report card day, he would always have this giant harmonic smile, where I would slowly try to sneak into the house. But like all little brothers, after my parents were done at looking at his report card, he would call me out “Hey Perry where’s your report card?” and he would leave me to my parents who would devour me.
My mom had stated her case and I knew I had to go. I threw on my slick black underarmour hoodie and my wrinkly black track pants. I shuffled around for my iPod because I knew it was going to be another boring car drive listening to my brother gloat about him and hockey, or so I thought.
I dragged my body outside still upset of me having to go watch his mind-numbing hockey game. Saw my mom waiting, mouthing the
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