Story of a Murderer, A Novel Written by Patrick Suskind Essay

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Perfume: Story of a murderer, a novel written by Patrick Suskind tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a character that seems to have come into the world to face many challenges of rejection by a society that did not deal with “different” very well. The novel takes place in France. Since his birth, Grenouille was automatically treated unusual and rejected because of an abnormal condition, he actually did not have body scent, and people seem to take that as a terrible offense. He developed such hatred towards people because of their mistreatment, judgment and social alienation. His hatred for humanity was so intense that he went on a seven year journey to Massif Centrale to get away from society, putting himself in solitary…show more content…
She was a detached person because of some of her life experiences and her interaction with Grenouille shaped his “tough-cookie” demeanor. Her assumption of Grenouille being a psychic pushes her to sell him to Grimal. Grimal was probably the person that influenced Grenouille in the most negative way. He was a tanner living by rue de la Mortellerie closed to the river. Grimal treats Grenuoille like an animal. He does not try to purposely hurt Grenouille, but he does not treat him a like a human being, making him work long hours since the age of eight years old until his youth, without providing proper care for him. It is during this time, when Grenouille is able to roam the streets of Paris in the little free he was allowed to have, that he become obsess with the many different scents of the city including a scent that he as never smelled before, the scent of a virgin girl. Because of the type of labor he had to do for Grimal, straining animal skin, he becomes infected with anthrax, and even during that time, Grimal shows little to no concern for him. Grenouille on his part becomes obsess with his ability to smell and started to mentally isolate himself, thinking on how he can start creating scents and was then sold to Giuseppe Baldini. Baldini was a not very talented old perfumer and owner of a perfume shop located on Pont au Change, a well known bridge over the Sienne River in Paris. His perfume shop did not attract many customers because of its

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