Story of an International Student

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Admission Essay Your essay prompt asks me to explain why I chose the University of Illinois, Chicago, as my desired school rather than a school in my home state. I am an international student. I am from Saudi Arabia and have applied to your university through a scholarship from the National Guard Hospital Affrarias (NGHA). I am seeking to study at an American university because America remains the world's leader in medical education. I simply cannot get the same quality of an education in Saudi Arabia at this time. However, the United States is a huge country, and I could choose to study at any number of well-respected universities in the United States. My choice of The University of Illinois, Chicago, goes beyond my desire to study in the United States; it speaks to my dual desires to experience life in a vibrant American city and to get a world-class education. I will address my educational issues, first. I am very interested in selecting a university that will serve my needs for the duration of my education. It goes without saying that University of Illinois, Chicago, has one of the top colleges of pharmacy in the United States, which means it has one of the top colleges of pharmacy in the world. I plan on traveling literally halfway across the globe for my education. I would not do that to receive the same quality of education that I could receive in Saudi Arabia. I really like that the school is relatively small, and that there are only about 10 students to every
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