Storytelling And Knowledge Management ( Km )

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Storytelling and knowledge management Introduction Recently the topic of knowledge management (KM) has attracted much attention of both professionals and scholars of business organizations. While storytelling, or narrative is increasingly used as one of the ways to deliver and exchange knowledge in KM process in organizations. The main objective of this essay is to explain what KM should be and to share suggestions provided by Denning (2004) about the critical role of narrative in KM and a set of storytelling catalog designed for different purposes in knowledge sharing. The definition of KM The concepts of knowledge and management have been around for a while. However, the combination of “knowledge management” is quite contemporary (Alvesson, 2001). It is widely accepted that knowledge is the most valuable resources in the modern organizations. Therefore, the sharing of knowledge in organizations is regarded as a significant way of making knowledge play a greater role in organizations. As a result, the capabilities to capture knowledge and manage knowledge have gained a great amount of attention gradually (Geiger, 2012). Accordingly, the occurrence of modern communication technologies, such as internet, intranet, e-mail and the world-wide web, allows for real-time interaction despite the physical distance, laying the foundation for the rapid development of KM (Hanson, 1999). The definitions of KM, ranging from relatively narrow and specific definitions to exactly broad
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