Storytelling And The Practice Of Medicine

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Storytelling is the art of transmitting ideas and messages is an integral part of our societies and cultures. The origins of storytelling trace back to the 15000 and 13000 B.C where drawings of extinct animals in the Lascaux Caves indicate 900 animals and the drawing of one human. In the modern world storytelling has taken different shapes and mediums. Storytelling has existed in all kinds of fields as, “…archaeologists dig up clues in the stones and bones…” (Gottschall, 15), which they use to create stories of the past with those remains, “business executives are increasingly told that they must be creative storytellers” (15),to make narratives about their products and brands, and just like them doctors are storytellers as well. Recently, researchers have acknowledged that storytelling plays a powerful role in the practice of medicine. Storytelling plays a crucial role in medicine as it provides an important role for health literacy which leads to an increase in the overall health of the patient, provides a central role in the physician/patient relationship and introduces the concept of digital storytelling that can promote reflective learning by medical students. One of the roles of storytelling in medicine is that it provides a mechanism for promoting health literacy, which can in turn lead to increase in the overall health of the patient. The article, “Culturally Appropriate Storytelling to Improve Blood Pressure: A Randomized Trial”, explores an…
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