Storytelling Is An Art That Allows The Teller

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Storytelling is an art that allows the teller(s) an opportunity to produce a shared meaning in order to grasp a wider understanding of other concepts. Storytelling can also be seen as an opportunity for one to share experiences (Wikipedia, n.d.). These stories can be real or fictional stories as long as they are meaningful and relevant. Stories are used in many arenas to communicate an organization’s vision, goals and culture to help convince others to buy in to the model. Another benefit of storytelling is leadership building. Leaders are able to share their wisdom through various stories detailing how situations were approached and handled. Within organizations, leaders are able to used stories, based on experimental learning, to express the value of the intended story. In order for leaders to effectively engage learners in the process of storytelling, leaders must be current in transmitting thoughts in order to show the possible achievement.
Storytelling in organizations is not used for entertainment, but rather for transporting objectives or desired outcomes (Denning, 2011). It has been seen as a more exciting way to distribute factual information. It allows leaders to evoke existing knowledge and use it as a connecting source to move the organization closer to the end result. Leaders, who are effective in using the technique of storytelling, are seen as powerful and productive leaders. These leaders understand the value of learning by example and through the use of…
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