Essay about Stowe and Truth

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The Negro of today is a failure, not because he meets insuperable difficulties in life, but because he is a Negro. His brain is not fitted for the higher forms of mental effort; his ideals, no matter how laboriously he is train and sheltered, remain hose of a clown. He is, in brief, a low-caste man, to the manner [sic] born, and he will remain inert and inefficient until fifty generations of him have lived in civilization. And even then, the superior white race will be fifty generations a head of him.      Around the 1850's many whites perceived this statement to be true. Not only did they believe in it, but they also had science and the doctors behind the science supporting this belief (Typically white males in…show more content…
Sojourner Truth especially was a strong advocate for equal rights around the 1850's, not only just for blacks, but for women as well.      Sojourner Truth is well known for her famous "ain't I a Woman?" speech at the 1851 women's Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. Their Sojourner Truth spoke of the injustices of our society, within which women as well as Black-Americans were at the back end. No formal record of the speech exists, but Frances Gage, an abolitionist and president of the Convention, recounted the speech.      Several ministers attended the second day of the Woman's Rights Convention, and were not shy in voicing their opinion of man's superiority over women. One claimed "superior intellect", one spoke of the "manhood of Christ," and still another referred to the "sin of our first mother." Suddenly, Sojourner Truth rose from her seat in the corner of the church. "For God's sake, Mrs.Gage, don't let her speak!" half a dozen women whispered loudly, fearing that their cause would be mixed up with Abolition. Sojourner walked to the podium and slowly took off her sunbonnet. Her six-foot frame towered over the audience. She began to speak in her deep, resonant voice: "Well, children, where there is so much racket, there must be something out of kilter, I
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